Issue 0: The Issue of Agency

As increasingly large swaths of the urban territory are being produced not as acts of spatial design, but as economical and logistical organizations of the landscape, we ask how can design have agency in these discussions
Neeraj Bhatia & Christopher Roach, Editorial

If you just think about the intervention in a vacuum, as if there were no constraints upon design, then you are fundamentally ill equipped to effect the change in question.
Neil Brenner, Professor of Urban Theory at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) and the coordinator of the Urban Theory Lab.

For fear of being just a service industry, architecture sometimes retreats into a cul de sac where it maintains a kind of hierarchical echo chamber largely ranked by age. This seems to me to be very unproductive.
Keller Easterling, Professor of Architecture at Yale University

Editors: Neeraj Bhatia & Christopher Roach
Assistant Editor: Katie Jenkins
Interviews with: Neil Brenner & Keller Easterling
Spring 2014