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Director Janette Kim is assistant professor at CCA, principal of design practice All of the Above, and founding editor of ARPA Journal. Her work focuses on design and ecology in relationship to public representation, interest, and debate. Janette is co-author of The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform. Her projects include designs for the Oakland Coliseum neighborhood as part of the Resilient by Design Challenge, the Safari tours on urban ecology, the Pinterest Headquarters, National AIDS Memorial, and the Fall Kill Creek Master Plan.


Director Antje Steinmuller is Associate Professor at CCA and principal at Studio URBIS, an architecture, urban design, and research practice in the Bay Area. She holds a professional degree in interior architecture from the Hochschule for Technik Stuttgart, a degree in architecture from the Technical University Berlin, and an M.Arch. from University of California Berkeley, where she was a John K. Branner Fellow and received the Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit as well as the Howard Friedman Thesis Prize.


Director Neeraj Bhatia is an architect and urban designer whose work resides at the intersection of politics, infrastructure and urbanism. In 2012, Bhatia founded The Open Workshop, a transcalar design practice working on installations, buildings, and urban design projects. He is currently an Associate Professor at CCA. Bhatia graduated from MIT with Masters in Architecture and Urban Design. He also holds a Bachelors of Architecture and Bachelors of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo.


Director Christopher A. Roach is a San Francisco-based architect and urbanist with over 18 years of experience in the profession and a deep commitment to its craft and intellectual ambition. He is founder and principal of Studio VARA, and has engaged with a wide range of projects types, from custom residences and affordable housing to commercial offices and academic institutions. He holds a B.Arch. with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin, and M.Arch in Urban Design with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.



• Jen Tai, 2017-2019
Projects: Culture for Community Game Night at YBCA
Win Win
• Carlos Edgardo Serrano, 2017-2018
Projects: UWA Pop-Up Lab
Resilient by Design
• Clare Hačko, 2017
Projects: Resilient Equity Hubs
At Home Together (Seoul Biennale 2017)
• Shawn Komlos
Projects: Urbanism from Within
The Agent #1
Seoul Biennale 2017
• Jeff Maeshiro, 2014-2015
Projects: Urbanism from Within
• Katherine Jenkins 2013-2014
Projects: The Agent #0
• Blake Stevenson, 2015
Projects: Urbanism from Within
• Tyler Jones-Powell, 2015
Projects: Urbanism from Within

• Donna Mena, 2019- • Taamara Rath, 2019-
Projects: Win Win
• Duy Nguyen, 2019-
Projects: Domestic Affairs
• Namhi Kwun, 2017-
Projects: Resilient by Design
Designer of UWA Website.
• Bella Mang, 2015-
Projects: At Home Together
A Seat at the Table;
More generally: Domestic Affairs (book)
The Agent #2, #3
• Alma Davila, 2018-2019
Projects: A Seat at the Table;
Win Win
More generally: Domestic Affairs (book)
• Cesar Lopez, 2013-2014, 2017-2018
Projects: Urbanism from Within
Resilient by Design
• Liz Lessig, 2017-2018
Projects: Resilient by Design


Affiliated faculty

Associated Faculty at CCA:
• Keith Krumwiede, Dean of Architecture
American Urbanism
• Peter Anderson, Professor
Construction and Communication Technology
• Christopher Falliers, Associate Professor
Urban Design
• Lisa Findley, Professor
History and Theory, Asian Studies
• David Gissen, Associate Professor
Experimental History
• Brian Price, Assistant Professor
Architectural Urbanism
• Katherine Rinne, Adjunct Professor
Hydrological and Landscape Systems
• Neal Schwartz, Associate Professor
Architecture, Social Equity, Diversity
• Sandra Vivanco, Professor
Architecture, Diversity, Latin American Studies

Affiliated Staff at CCA:
• Dustin Smith, Director of Academic Administration for Architecture.
• Laura Ng, Academic Partnerships Project Manager: Architecture and Design
• Leah Kandel, Program Manager, Architecture Division: Graduate Architecture
• Jared Elizares, Program Manager, Architecture and Interior Design
• Jaime Austin, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programming  
• Matthew Tedford, Advancement Communications Manager
• Karen Weber, Senior Director of Engagement and Institutional Partnerships
• Center for Art and Public Life / Center for Impact

Advisory Board:
• Mason White, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
• Erik Rodenbeck, Stamen Design
• Rahul Mehrotra, Chair Urban Planning, Harvard Graduate School of Design
• Keller Easterling, Professor, Yale University School of Architecture
• Julia Czerniak, Professor, Syracuse University School of Architecture
• Neil Brenner, Professor of Urban Theory, Harvard Graduate School of Design
• Allison Arieff, Editor/Content Strategist, SPUR