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Event: ZERO1 Biennial @ San Jose
Date: September 14-16, 2012
Time: Gore Park, San Jose, CA

Public social space is all around us and permanently changing. iLounge offers a temporary social stage to create a temporary community for a minute, a hour or an evening. iLounge operates as a social catalyst and will be what the citizens of Minneapolis and San Jose want it to be. The user of iLounge is an active part of the spatial production. iLounge has the ambition of being an urban space that interacts with its inhabitants: a space that adapts to the needs of the citizens but also a space that stimulates citizens to look, listen, exchange, reflect, relax, and to gain something from the experience that they can take home. iLounge is instant, interim and interactive and predominately refers to I am. The configuration is intended to change the speed and the direction of its inhabitants, to get them to interact, slow down, look in different directions, and generate informal interactions to promote different types of urban life. The architectural modules offer a versatile surface that supports the occupation of the human body in multiple ways: lounging, standing, resting, socializing, exchanging, playing, observing, and being observed. As an interactive piece the modular nature of iLounge offers the opportunity to change the topography of the surface, to aggregate and rearrange its layout. The inhabitable social sculpture motivates the creation of a temporary community in flux. Live feed video cameras create a media echo of the spatial production. The media footage feeds into an incorporated projection station that will project the production of the interim social space onto surrounding urban surfaces and firewalls. The visitors are not passive spectators but become active participants in the production of art. QR codes spread through the city communicate the space far beyond its spatial dimensions. They encourage the creation of interim communities that live in material and digital space. Visitors are invited to reflect the concept of social space in flux and might also understand the importance social networks as a part of our everyday culture.

iLOUNGE events:

QRspace (David Gastaneta)

SAY (Anesta Iwan & Cesar Lopez)

FastMap (Mark Edward Campos)

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