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Merve Bedir
Land + Civilization Compositions
Monday October 30, 12 noon
East 4

Commoning spaces: the park, the kitchen, the river

How can we think on the creation of space beyond the dichotomies of public or private, urban or rural, natural or cultural, human or non-human? How can we expand and articulate on an understanding of living together? What could be the role of creative practices in this context?

Commoning spaces are created collectively to be shared, spaces that belong to everyone but not belong to anyone, spaces where egalitarian and emancipating relations can be established. This talk will present and discuss Gezi park, the Kitchen initiative, and Maritsa river as spaces of commoning, in relation to the questions above.

Merve Bedir is partner of Land and Civilization Compositions, and a phd candidate at Delft University of Technology. Merve is a facilitator of the Kitchen initiative in Gaziantep, Turkey, and she was the curator of uncommon river at One Architecture Week in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Land+Civilization Compositions is a Randstad [NL] and Istanbul [TR] based office that works and collaborates on issues related to built form, with a portfolio scope from research to design. LandandCC seek to interactively and informally brainstorm through some of our current questions about the formation of our built environment, over our past and current work in a variety of countries and contexts.

More info on Merve Bedir and her work can be found here.