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Neeraj Bhatia will participate in Everything Out the Door, organized by Black Square and CAMPO. He will be joined by Baukuh, MAIO, Plan Comun, Fake Industries, Unulaunu, Ayr, Point Supreme, amongst others. The Application deadline for students is July 16th, with Workshop and exhibition will take place in Rome this September.

Apple bombs, venomous caramels, daily lies, false information; ultimately, Trojan throws, beds or horses that when inside a house destroy everything that surrounds them. We want to introduce to you everything that remains out of the door: the fabricated banality, intentional vulgarity, urban furniture, voracious dogs; with their 1967 Dream Beds, Archizoom wanted to contaminate domestic space with all the aspects of life that modern culture had rejected.

This year, we ask a selection of contemporary architecture collectives to put forward their own idea for a Dream Bed. In 10 images commented with 10 short texts, our architect contributors will communicate their take on the ideal bedroom, intended as the minimum space through which we can construct an idea of architecture. Objets trouvs, personal cabinets of curiosities, speculative projects: these ten images construct visual essays of sorts on what we left out the door and what we wish to bring back in to challenge our lives and conventions

The workshop will be curated by CAMPO and Black Square and led by tutors Matteo Costanzo (2A+P/A) and Maria S. Giudici (Architectural Association).
Image: Dream Bed by Archizoom