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Reporting from Resilient by Design


Tuesday April 3, 2018

SPUR Oakland

Janette Kim and AECOM’s Claire Bonham Carter are presenting some of the All Bay Collective's strategies for partnering with East Oakland community groups. Please join us today from 12:30-1:30 at SPUR Oakland

Resilient by Design teams are developing innovative, community-based solutions to sea level rise and severe storms in the Bay Area. Come hear from three of them about their vision for a more resilient Bay Area: Common Ground, strengthening the identity of the San Pablo Bay region; the Home Team, mitigating threats of gentrification and displacement through design in North Richmond; and the All Bay Collective, proposing economic opportunities and housing alternatives around the San Leandro Bay. Come hear more from each team. Generously sponsored by Cargill. Link.

+ Common Ground: Tom Leader / TLS Landscape Architecture

+ The Home Team: Tim Mollette-Parks / Mithun

+ The All Bay Collective: Claire Bonham-Carter  / AECOM

+ The All Bay Collective: Janette Kim / CCA