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Win Win: YBCA Culture for Community Game Night


Win Win: YBCA Culture for Community Game Night

March 21, 2019 5-8pm

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Join us for a game-night featuring works from women artists and architects from the Bay Area Now 8 exhibition, including board games designed by architecture-collective Urban Works Agency (UWA). Represented by collective member Janette Kim, they will feature five games set up in our Grand Lobby space with rotating guides to help you design, think, and then re-think what you know about cities.

“Win-Win” is a series of board games that play out climate risk scenarios in cities. By designing interactions among players, objectives and resources, these games model the social justice implications of innovative financial and legal strategies. The games serve as a new kind of decision-making tool for a warming world—one that imagines new relationships among economies, publics and architectural design.


Janette Kim is assistant professor of architecture and director of Urban Works Agency  at California College of the Arts. Janette’s work integrates research, design, and scholarship along two primary lines of inquiry: political ecology and applied research practices in architecture.

Game Descriptions

Bartertown tests how social networks can be re-shaped by an economy of favors and resource-sharing. Game Guide: Jen Tai. Game Design: Janette Kim at Urban Works Agency, with Jen Tai and Clare Hacko for BCDC Adapt to Rising Tides.
The Other 99% is a Monopoly-style real estate game, except that one player starts with three times the money than the others, who in turn have three times as many votes. Game Guide: Maria Ramirez Perez. Game Design: Shiyun Fan, Huaye Wei, Seungah Lee.   
Delirious D.C. retrofits buildings to recombine tenants instead of evicting them. Architectural fragments define new institutions like the F.B.I.R.S. and “detentucation.” Game Guide: Mira De Avila-Shin. Game Design: Mira De Avila-Shin and Galen Pardee.
Flip This Hood pits a ‘home team’ of local residents against an ‘away’ team of stadium patrons, to claim land through benevolent and aggressive actions ranging from public art pieces to illegal dumping; squatting to evictions. Game Guide: Rachel Quinn Hammond. Game Design: Rachel Quinn Hammond and Sean Gentry.
In It Together asks stakeholders around San Leandro Bay with competing interests—like wildlife, a developer, or an East Oakland resident—to decide when to compete or cooperate, as the city changes and seas rise. Game Guide: Claire Bonham-Carter. Game Design: Janette Kim, Shahad Alamoudi, Marwan Barmasood, Georgia Came, Denisse Correa Guerra, Alli Foronda, Eric Fura, Francisco Garcia, Jessica Grinaker, Fathmath Isha, Lori Martinez, Jennifer Pandian and Sabrina Schrader with The All Bay Collective for the Resilient by Design All Bay Challenge.