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Janette Kim is presenting It Together at the Congress of New Urbanism conference


June 14, 2019, 9-10:15am

CNU 27 Link, Louisville  

“Design Thinking: Community-Driven Green Infrastructure Solutions for Adaptation”

Janette Kim will present the In It Together board game at the upcoming Congress of New Urbanism Conference with Gena Wirth and Richard Mullane.

Rather than wait for a natural disaster, the San Francisco Bay Area proactively created a blueprint for resilience that can serve as a model for communities around the world. Resilient by Design framed adaptation as an opportunity to leverage unique community assets, establish non-traditional partnerships, and pursue innovative solutions to create resilient communities. As part of this collaborative process, design teams brought together public officials, community leaders, research institutions, finance specialists, climate champions, and youth leaders to generate design ideas that capitalize and build upon ongoing resilience work in the region, while offering new, integrated approaches and ideas. Nine multi-benefit design ideas emerged from this work; together, they help address a variety of climate-related and planning challenges. Join the discussion that moves beyond assessments for regional resilience planning and promotes action.

Later Event: September 7
The Territorial City